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Visitors must remain inside for the duration of the quarantine period, avoiding contact with anyone else. Our guide offers a roundup of the best sites in Rome, Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany for discovering the art and architecture of the ancient Etruscans. Milan has a dizzying amount of attractions for visitors. Make the most of your time there with our perfect Milan itinerary. Italy’s trains range from slow regionaleand InterCity to the high-tech, high-speed alta velocità services.

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  • If you’re lucky enough to dine with an Italian, make sure to cheers them with eye contact.
  • However, its beauty has also brought in hoards of tourists over the years.
  • Italy obtains its vaccines via an EU procurement program.
  • Light dresses might be the most comfortable this time of year, particularly in places such as Rome where the heat can feel unbearable.
  • Stay alert to changing weather conditions and adjust your plans if conditions become unsafe.
  • If you are stopped, under certain conditions you are expected to pay the police officer issuing the ticket immediately.
  • This neighborhood has a calm atmosphere and is found along the banks of the Tiber River.

These are the best times to wear your favorite cocktail dress and enjoy the summer breeze. Pack a light jacket and cardigan for cooler days and evenings. Pack a pair of dressy shoes as locals like to dine out with style and elegance. When deciding what to wear when traveling to Italy, avoid heels because they’ll leave you feeling uncomfortable. Roughly four-fifths of all tourists come to Venice just for the day.

How To Dress In Italy

Talk to a travel health professional boulangerie mer about which medications or vaccines are right for you. You may need to obtain a translation, a notarization, an authentication, or the legalization of the document. Most people offering advice on traveling to Italy will tell you to avoid the country in August. This is because almost the entire country shuts down most of the month. Corperto is a per-person fee or cover charge added for each meal. During those times, travelers would stop at inns and eat food brought from home to save money.

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This route will take you through enchanting old villages, rolling green hills and flowing streams. Stop off to have a wine tasting, or simply even have a picnic in one of the many beautiful spots along the way. Lines are very long and sometimes it can take half a day just to get in.

It’s also the golden hour for photographers as sunset often means the streets are packed with locals and tourists. Italy, especially in the summer, can become a crowded and touristy place. You’ll be rewarded with peace and tranquility if you are up and at it before the crowds.

A nice blouse and well-tailored denim is a timeless uniform that can work in Italy just as well as any other part of Europe. Italian department stores such as Coin and La Rinascente can be handy when looking for quality items. You can also find designer outlet stores in major shopping destinations, too! Before shopping, see what others are wearing on the streets to capture Italian street fashion. In Venice and when traveling to Sardinia or Sicily, you can take a water taxi or boat, which run regularly and are affordable. Tour of Italy, check out these frequently asked questions on traveling to Italy.

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It is recommended that all eligible travellers complete a COVID-19 vaccine series along with any additional recommended doses in Canada before travelling. Evidence shows that vaccines are very effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19. While vaccination provides better protection against serious illness, you may still be at risk of infection from the virus that causes COVID-19. While the Government of Canada issues passports with an “X” gender identifier, it cannot guarantee your entry or transit through other countries.