Invent or Innovate

Why invent?

To invent something takes more time than using something that is already available, simple logic. What if there is nothing available because a problem exists that is not being treated for that reason. When a situation is accommodated because that is the only apparent choice that is the history of invention.

This is why Petritek exists.

“Failure is cause; invention is effect.” – Colin Lynch

Why innovate?

To innovate takes more time than to use an existing option that is already available although not as effective as you might prefer, more simple logic.

What if the available option was considered to be the best and no improvement was thought to be likely or necessary? When a situation is accepted because that apparent choice serves the required purpose it takes others to see where improvements can be achieved, that is the history of innovation.

This is why Petritek exists.

“However impressive the planned results, you should occasionally consider the strategy.” – Colin Lynch


To dedicate yourself to invention and innovation is not what most people would suggest they do often if at all. Everything that we encounter in our day that we take for granted now came from these notions.

We can all cite many dozens of inventions, from this medium to the connected world that we live in today compared to the analogue world of our parents and grandparents.

Lets get the proverbs out of the way first; whilst ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and (as we suggest) ‘opportunity is the father of innovation’ these ideas do not begin to understand the importance of either.

When you recognise that you have a problem, ensure that you have an understanding of the circumstances if that problem did not exist.

Now we arrive at the reason why Petritek can add to your conversation:

Q: How do I achieve that outcome with the gap in measurement and inspection technology that is available?.

A: This is why Petritek exists.