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Waste Acquisition and Spatial Sampling Process

Obtaining spatially significant samples from oily waste or tailings ponds is often challenging or dangerous.

WASSP was a bespoke solution created to meet this challenge for a client and has since been re-engineered to be deployable in a variety of scenarios.

The WASSP is utilised to obtain 3D spatially significant samples from hard, soft, liquid, silt etc ponds without the need for costly or hazardous excursions over the tails or waste ponds.

This purpose designed, crane mounted sampling apparatus is intended for sampling of large waste and tails ponds that may not be readily accessible by other means.

Coupled with a variable depth gauge (as required) this allows samples to be taken at a variety of different locations and depths and that depth of sample to be accurately known.

The assembly design mitigates the potential of ‘punching’ through the bottom lining of a pond, tails facility etc… providing a level of environmental safety and surety of maintaining the asset’s integrity. Operators can be confident of obtaining samples from a variety of matrices with an accuracy of depth measurement

Projects where WASSP has been utilised
  • Oily waste ponds – contaminant investigation and solid content
  • Mine tailings facilities – determination of contaminant level and content composition
  • Large-scale aquaculture – depth of solid deposit and composition

Design of a NORM package monitor

Designed to assess and map the level of NORM in drums, in real time

Type A – Radioactive Source Packages

Design, manufacture, testing and certification for transporting radioactive sources