About Us

Petritek build teams with our clients to be better, to be smarter and to improve process outcomes.
Petritek engineer improved knowledge and awareness of asset condition with exceptional technological interventions.

Proven technologies can be limited by the design, by the software that extracts deficient information or by the geometry and composition of the target asset. Petritek ‘first principles’ approach quantifies the problem and the desired outcome before we propose a solution.

We build an answer for the question rather than hope that we can answer a question with existing outdated configurations.

Petritek invite you to see how we have already invented, innovated and educated our clients and partners as well as peers to realise the capabilities of existing technologies in isolation or as integrated applications.

Meet Our Team

Anthony O’Brien

Technology Director

Business Manager, owner and industry collaborator with 17 years experience gained through applied entrepreneurial passions.

Anthony began his professional career teaching Applied Physics at Curtin University, before moving to Chile to work as an instrumentation scientist at the Gemini Observatory. After moving back to Australia, then started a company with Mr Ashley Barker providing technical consulting along with research and development in instrumentation, targeted at both the medical and resources industries.

Out of this grew a business to address an identified gap in the provision of professional services to the mining and petroleum industries, specifically with respect to radiation safety and management.

Over a decade of Radiation Management culminated in the development of instrumentation targeted at the mining and petroleum industries, radiation safety & management. This includes for discrete sources and more topically, for the monitoring, management and ultimate disposal of NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material).

Ashley Barker

R & D Director

Accomplished entrepreneur, innovator and enthusiast for the possibilities that science and technology can offer.

Ashley began his career developing and deploying a range of mining ‘down-hole’ instruments then joined forces with a university colleague, Anthony O’Brien and created a technical consulting company specialising in the difficult and awkward problems faced by the medical and resource sectors.

The company flourished and many companies have spun out of the opportunities experienced in this venture. Including Radiation Professionals Australia, ProbeLogic and more recently Petritek. Much of the technology developed has become the industry standard and is used throughout the world.

Ashley is a technical master. Straight out of university, he delivered technical solutions for companies like Woodside Petroleum and Siemens, working on projects from radiation safety to data management. Now, he heads research and development for Petritek.